About the Analytics Club. A Blog About Data Science.

If you're reading this, you must be a tech geek!

I love data science and explore the subject every single day.

I read research papers, blog posts, videos, tutorials, etc., and give my opinionated summaries about it. Mostly they are about machine learning, artificial intelligence, analytics, and its applications to other domains.

If any of this interests you, you and I have a lot in common. Say Hi to me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Medium.

I'll break the ice for you!

A blog about data science

About me.

I'm Thuwarakesh, a data scientist and blogger.

It's been more than a decade now since I started exploring data science. I did my bachelor's specializing in statistics, and now I work as a full-time data scientist at Stax.

In every way, I'm glad that I chose (or accidentally landed in) this career path.

But at some point, we should share our knowledge with others for the greater good. That's why I blog.

My life beyond data science is fabulous, with lots of hiking and music. Thankfully, my country is home to a ton of beautiful mountains—a tropical paradise.

About The Analytics Club.

Presently, The Analytics Club is my personal blog. I only post articles I wrote myself and thought would be helpful for the community.

This is a new and tiny website to host articles I wrote. I only collect email addresses on subscription forms. It has been appropriately managed on Convertkit. Under no circumstances will I sell or share your data without your permission.

If you find anything just not correct, please reach out to me and help me correct it.

I love your feedback and questions. I live off with questions. Feel free to complement, correct or even criticize my work.