Closed but still awesome
Control Who Could Access Your Streamlit Dashboards

Let Django's permission system take care of the authorization control. We can manage user groups and permissions on the admin console.

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Secure Your Streamlit App With Django

Build a flexible authentication system around your machine learning web app

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Words in hand
Creating Wordclouds in Python: The Quick and Easy Guide

Word cloud is a great visualization technique. Creating one is easy too. This post discusses an example of using the Wordcloud library to generate word clouds.

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How to Make a PDF Text-to-Speech Reader in Python

You can turn any PDF into an audio book using Python. Here's how to do text-to-speech with voice, speed, and volume modulation.

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How to Improve Deep Learning Models With Small Datasets

Training a deep learning model requires a lot of data. When we can also build a successful model with small datasets with these techniques.

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Many sheets
How Do I Read Multiple Excel Sheets in Python?

It's difficult to work with multiple sheets in Pandas when parsing Excel files. Yet, a small hack will help us do it better.

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Clouds and bulbs
Advantages of Cloud Databases Over On-Premise Databases.

Organizations can benefit a lot from migrating to a cloud database. Cloud databases are more secure, easily scalable, highly available and cost-effective than on-premise databases.

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Scalable, No-Code, AutoML Solution on Your Amazon Cloud

Build end-to-end machine learning pipeline, train, test and deploy ML models without depending on data scientists and worrying about scalability.

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Data Engineers
MLOps: Smart Ways to Deploy Machine Learning Models to Production

Learn about MLOps platforms & MLOps best practices that enables automation in the process of training, testing, and deploying machine learning models.

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3 Techniques to Scrape Any Websites Using Python

Selenium is an excellent tool to build web scrapers in Python. Yet, there are easier ways to scrape in fewer lines of code.

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