How to Run Python Tests on Every Commit Using GitHub Actions

Running Python unit tests every time before publishing changes is difficult. Automating it through a CI pipeline help save a lot of effort. GitHub Actions does it well.

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How to Run SQL Queries on Pandas Data Frames?

Most data scientists are comfortable with SQL than pandas data operations. But you can query pandas data frames as you do with SQL databases.

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Use Pipe Operations in Python for More Readable and Faster Coding

A handy Python package to save a ton of coding time and improve readability with shell-styled pipe operations

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How to Execute Shell Commands With Python?

The easiest way to run bash or batch files inside a Python script.

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How to Download YouTube Videos With Python?

While there are many ways to download YouTube videos, using Python is one of the easiest.

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How to Create Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in Python?

You can build installable web apps with Python web frameworks. Here's a guide to creating one with Django.

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Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence: What’s the Difference?

Machine learning is one of the subfields of Artificial Intelligence. It refers to the process of getting a computer to learn from data without being explicitly programmed.

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Streamlit Examples That Motivates Data Scientists to Create Web Apps

Streamlit is a fantastic tool for creating web applications quickly for machine learning projects. Here are some great example dashboards.

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In the 8 Key MLOps Roles, Where Do You Fit In?

Large-scale data science teams can have several distinct roles & responsibilities to manage machine learning operations.

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5 Edge Computing Use Cases in the Healthcare Industry.

Edge computing is a hot topic. But what exactly does it mean? What it has for the healthcare industry?

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