How to Create File System Triggers in Python

How to painlessly monitor file creation, modification, and deletion programmatically.

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How To Write Readable, Elegant Regex Patterns In Python?

Defining regex patterns can be difficult for beginners. Even experts find it hard to read. But here's a Python library to do regex easily.

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Configure guitar
A Brief Guide To Manage Configurations Using TOML Files

Why are TOML files better than JSON and YAML? How to manage Python project config? Why Netlify, Hugo, and many others prefer TOML.

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How To Execute Shell Commands Over SSH Using Python?

Use python to run commands on a remote computer. Learn to do it password less with key files and run multiple commands with script files.

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Build CLI in Python (1)
How to Use Argparser to Get Command Line Arguments in Python Scripts.

Learn to use Python argparser with examples. Customize help messages, add data type conversion, and restrict inputs to a list of values.

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Build CLI in Python (1)
How to Easily Build Command Line Tools in Python?

You can build CLIs with Typer. It can accept command line arguments and get the output printed on the terminal.

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Converting Tuples to Lists, Sets, and Dictionaries in Python.

A complete guide to converting tuples to other iterable types. Tuples are one of the four iterable types in Python.

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How To Loop Through Tuple Elements In Python.

Techniques to iterate over tuple elements. Loop using enumeration, steps, end do nested iterations.

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Tuples in Python
What Are Tuples in Python? And Everything You Should Know About Them.

Tuples are an ordered, immutable collection type in Python. They are ordered and indexed. Also Tuples allow duplicates.

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Read CSV to Python
Different Ways to Read CSV in Python (And Write Back!)

You can read CSVs into Pandas data frame, Numpy arrays, a list, a dictionary, etc. You can read them from the local filesystem or an S3 bucket. Here's a list of ways to do them in Python.

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