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Running Election Campaigns With K-Means Clustering
Running Election Campaigns With K-Means Clustering.

Imagine that you are the chief campaign planner for the next presidential election. Thanks to the pandemic-driven technology adoption, campaigns are going online this time. Because it helps cover the…

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How to detect memory leakage in your python application
How to Detect Memory Leakage in Your Python Application

It’s interesting to see how we improved measuring algorithm performance in python. About a decade ago, when I started coding in python, I stored time into variables at different points in my code.

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Citizen data scientists transform the way organizations work - Photo by Keira Burton from Pexels.
Welcome to the Age of Citizen Data Scientists

Data science has been democratized for the most part. AI is now mainstream! Here's how you can become a citizen data scientist.

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Can Reinforcement Learning Save Whales Dying From Ship Strikes
Can Reinforcement Learning Save Whales Dying From Ship Strikes?

Thousands of whales die every year due to human activities. Besides commercial whaling, there is a spectrum of other ways we contribute to the loss of this magnificent animal. If we don’t act.

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AI Might Destroy C-Level Jobs Before Front-Liners.
AI Might Destroy C-Level Jobs Before Front-Liners.

He shot back with another question. He asked, “Would you talk to a recording if your flight is caught in a storm?” My answer was a clear NO. I want to speak to some human I can trust — somebody who…

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Software development without coding
How Can I Start A Software Project Without Knowing How To Code?

If you are enthusiastic about innovating, you mostly come up with a software idea. It’s expected as we live in a technology-dominated world. Yet, not all great ideas see the light. Even if they do

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9 easy steps to make great charts
9 Easy Steps To Make Great Charts

Most presentation slides contain charts that are hard to understand. One chart for all approach is dead. Learn to organize charts to tell exciting stories.

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Is your training dataset balanced?
How to Check if a Dataset Is Imbalanced

Rare event prediction is not new for data science. Here's how to deal with imbalanced data.

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How to Handle Imbalanced Datasets in Machine Learning

Training a machine learning model for classification needs a balanced dataset. Here's what to do when you have an unbalanced one.

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Python logo
6 Ways To Run Python Scripts

Python shell is not the only option to run scripts. Here are several other ways and their pros and cons.

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